Booking conditions:

To formalize the reservation, it is necessary to pay the 40% of the total amount.

15 days before the arrival, you need to pay the 60% remaining plus a deposit of 400€, which will be refunded within a maximum of 7 days after checking the condition of the accommodation.

Cancelation conditions:

Up to 60 days before arrival 50% refund of the advance payment, then no returns are made.

Check in / Check out

Check in: 15:00
Check out: 18:00 (subject to availability)
Check out (July and August): 12:00

* If there is availability, you could advance the check in or/and delay the check out by an additional € 25 / h

Rules of the house


  • The occupants are responsible for keeping the house properly closed in their absence and on their departure.
  • The pool and the outdoor furniture will be available from May 1st to September 30th. In May and September will be depending on the weather conditions.
  • It is not allowed the access to the pool area with glass elements, including the lawn.
  • The maximum capacity of the Jacuzzi is 6 people and is not allowed the access with glass elements.
  • The fencing that limits access to the pool will always be closed to prevent access by children without the permanent supervision of the responsible adult. The parents or guardians will be responsible for the use of the facilities as well as for security measures, such as the door and security gate of the staircase of the property.
  • The use of the fireplace is allowed from October to April, included. Free firewood. In no case you may cook in the fireplace.
  • Reservations made in July/August only for complete weeks from Monday to Sunday.
  • Check in time 3:00 pm and check out 6:00 pm, depending on the availability. Departure time July/August 12:00pm. If there is availability, you could advance the entry or/and delay the departure by an additional 25/h.
  • The clients will have Complaint Sheets at their disposal to record their complaints.
  • Smoking is prohibited except in outdoor areas. Failure to comply with this clause leads to the non-return of the deposit provided by travelers and of 100€, unless the damage caused is greater, of finding extinguished tobacco butts in the baskets of plants or on the artificial grass, as well as in any part of the house or its exterior.
  • Animals are not allowed. The cost of not complying with this clause is € 300, an amount that would cover its cleaning services.
  • The loss of the delivered set of keys will entail a replacement cost of €123 (remote control and security key).
  • The swings can only be used by children under 10 years of age. In case of breakage, it leads to the non-return of the deposit provided by the travellers.
  • It is not allowed to hang from the basket. In case of breakage due to non-compliance, the amount that will cover its repair will be €120.
  • Guests will not be able to carry out activities in the house that do not comply with the rules of urbanity, hygiene, coexistence, public order, inconvenience, unhealthy, harmful, dangerous or illegal. These are the only ones responsible and the owner reserving the right to terminate the travelers’ stay at any time, and they must leave the establishment at the same time that they are required.
  • Under a principle of civility, you must be respectful of noise and music from 00:00, mainly outside of the house. Failure to comply with this clause leads to the non-return of the deposit provided by the travelers.
  • Bachelor parties or similar events are not allowed. They should be notified if so. Travelers are obliged to respect this clause, otherwise they will lose the amount of the deposit deposited for their stay, without prejudice to the legal consequences applicable to each case.
  • The client, from the moment of check-in, is responsible for the correct behavior of all the people who accompany him.
  • Cleaning during the stay corresponds to the clients.
  • Guests are responsible for the house with all its contents and for the return in the same conditions in which it was delivered at the time of entering. If there are any damages caused by the clients in the house, they will be deducted from the deposit, and in case if the damages exceed the amount given as a deposit, the client must pay the difference.
  • The deposit will be returned within a maximum period of 7 days via bank transfer and once the condition of the facilities and fixtures has been checked.
  • If there is any damage, it will be communicated to the owners of the house.
  • The accommodation will be occupied exclusively by the number of people indicated on the registration form, people whose identity has been registered at the entrance to the house. In case that the Civil Guard carries out an inspection of the house and more people are found than those declared, the responsible will be the signing traveler. Failure to comply with this clause is grounds for withholding the total of the deposit as it is considered that said deposit covers not only the damages caused by travelers on the material goods of the house, but also those caused by the usury of the house to be exceeded the number of people allowed.
  • Access to the facilities is only and exclusively authorized to the number of people stipulated in the reservation and under no circumstances it should exceed the maximum capacity of 23 people. If the number of clients exceeds the number of guests contracted, the contract will be annulled, having to leave the facilities immediately without giving rise to returns and in case of refusal, the corresponding authority will be called to proceed with the eviction according to law. If there is a need to accommodate a greater number of people, the property must be notified to authorize their accommodation before entry. If there is a need to accommodate a larger number of people, it must be notified to authorize their accommodation before entry.
  • The use of inflatable mattresses or any other similar element is not allowed.
  • Any additional guest to the 12 basic places and over two years old will be subject to the extra bed charge. Check exceptions.
  • The rooms are double (for two people). The amount of each extra bed is €15 per night.
  • Babies under two years old do not have to pay any supplement. Cradles, high chairs and bathtubs are available free of charge.
  • It is not allowed to put any kind of product in the Jacuzzi or swimming pool.
  • The owner is not responsible for loss, theft, damage that may be suffered by customers. Power cuts, water or gas, the breakage of household appliances or any other device that is part of the accommodation, must immediately contact the owner to notify the Technical Service, but the non-assistance by this service will not be a reason for any compensation. The works that the City Council or other companies outside the Rural House can carry out in the vicinity and that may affect the normal development of the stay of the client, any type of major, natural or similar cause that prevents the enjoyment of the facilities of the Rural House, cancellations or additional expenses suffered by the client, or any matter that is beyond their reach or control.
  • An extra cleaning fee will be charged depending on the state in which the house is left and if it does not correspond to normal and civic use. This will be equivalent to the extra hours necessary for this extraordinary cleaning.
  • In case of breach of the obligations, the owner will have the right to request that the guest pay the damage to the establishment without any right to compensation.
  • In accordance with the provision of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13th, Protection of Personal Data, I give my consent for the data I provide to be included in an automated file owned by La Casa Rural Alma del Tajo used for its customer database and I declare to be informed about the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition that I may exercise at the registered office of La Casa Rural Alma del Tajo, at C/Ciudad de Toledo n°7 (45522) Albarreal de Tajo (Toledo).
  • The people who occupy the house must provide their identification, with ID number, Passport, Driving License, or Residence Permit and complete the traveler’s file (Order INT/1922/2003, of July 3, on registration books and parts of entry for travelers in hostelry establishments and other similar).

Price list and reservations